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Working creatively with action research: Åben forelæsning for studerende og ansatte

Working creatively with action research: Åben forelæsning for studerende og ansatte

Forelæsning af Giuseppe Scaratti, som er professor i organisationspsykologi. Forelæsningen foregår på engelsk.


10.09.2018 kl. 13.30 - 16.00



He is Full Professor of Work and Organizational Psychology at the Faculty of Economics, Catholic University of Milan, Italy. His main research interests refer to processes of learning, knowing and organizing; training, consultancy and organizational change; organizational cultures and communities of practices; epistemological and methodological implications in generating relevant and impactful knowledge. He is Director of Trailab (Transformative Actions Interdisciplinary laboratory), a research unit seeking for innovative approaches in qualitative research in management and organizations.

Main content: Working creatively with action research by Giuseppe Scaratti

The aim of the lecture is to explore the connection between AR and creativity as a lever to generate relevant knowledge. Indeed both AR and creativity can be conceived as inquiry dimensions which involve backwards and forwards movement, that require the constant re-definition of ideas, by dealing with plural and often contrasting expectations and needs and focusing on the dynamic and complex situations that people face. This entails a situated and dialogical stance to creativelyassuming the challenge to be in relation with an ongoing real-time and a transitory understanding of the problems generated by the contexts of action.

The creativeness embedded in using AR relies on different features:

the multiple configuration of problems related to the polyvocality of the existing interpretations of common experiences and the connected meanings;
the plurality of different stakeholders to be involved and the negotiation for achieving a good enough common engagement;
the variety of methodologies and techniques to produce and share implicit and explicit knowledge that is situated in the daily work practices;
the possible generative use of the produced knowledge in order to enhance process of expansive and transformative learning.

The lecture will provide both theoretical framework and a real case study in order to prompt critical discussion and dialogue in plenary sessions.


Recomended literature to read in advance. 


Tilmeldingsfrist: 3. September
Tilmelding skal ske ved kontaktperson, Helle Gjerløv Møller, på hgm@learning.aau.dk.  


Aalborg Universitetsbibliotek, Langagervej 2, 9220 Aalborg Ø. Lokale DARWIN.                                                                                         


Søren Frimann: Institut for Læring og Filosofi, Aalborg Universitet
Lone Hersted: Institut for Læring og Filosofi, Aalborg Universitet
Mette Vinther Larsen: Institut for Økonomi og ledelse, Aalborg Universitet

Selected publications

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Scaratti G. (2014) The rear windows. A project for a screenplay on the welcoming of Roma families,Qualitative Inquiry, 20 (2): 193-202

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Scaratti G. and Ripamonti S. (2015). Between viewing and transforming: how reflexivity as practice works, in Marsico G., Ruggeri R., Salvatore, S. (Eds) Reflexivity and Psychology, The Yearbook of Idiographic Science, vol. 6, Information Age Publishers, pp. 311-341.

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Scaratti, G., Gorli, M., Galuppo, L., Ripamonti, S. (forthcoming) Action Research: Knowing and Changing (in) Organizational Contexts, in C. Cassell, A.L. Cunliffe and G.Grandy (Eds) The SAGE Handbook of Qualitative Business and Management Research

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